James Galway Spirit Flutes

James Galway Spirit Flutes by conn-selmer

From the emerald-colored cubic zirconium in the crown and the Galway rose engraved on the headjoint, to the reverse beading on every ring, this flute possesses the look and mechanical features found on only the most cherished hand-made flutes.  All Galway Spirit Flutes also come with a Performance Flute Plug Stopper, A=442 Cooper Scale, Galway-specified embouchure, double-skinned Pisoni pads and CNC machined flat interior key cups. 

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James Galway Spirit Flute JG3B

Silver headjoint, silver-plated body and keys, split E, open hole, offset G, B foot with Gizmo.
$1,740.00 $1,286.00